Women in Agriculture – Rian McMorris

Meet Rian McMorris, Senior Environmental Manager of Compliance and Auditing at Wayne-Sanderson Farms, whose journey into agriculture was inspired by her desire to make a positive impact on the environment, while educating others about the importance of environmental preservation. With a background in environmental permitting of public drinking water treatment facilities and chemical/industrial facilities and experience in the oil and gas sector, Rian easily transitioned her skills and knowledge into the poultry industry.

At Wayne-Sanderson Farms, Rian serves as a member of the Planet Committee of the Amazing Starts With Me employee engagement program, and through this role, she has been able to share her passion for sustainability with others.

Her favorite aspect of her position is working with a team of supportive colleagues who share the same vision of making a positive environmental impact in the communities where the company operates. “Wayne-Sanderson Farms accepts diverse perspectives, fresh ideas, and a unique approach to solving environmental challenges,” says Rian. “An empathetic leadership style and consistent expectations are vital for shaping a more environmentally responsible industry.”

Rian credits goal setting, a growth mindset, and continuous education and training with allowing her to overcome obstacles that she has faced in the agriculture industry. “Wayne-Sanderson Farms has built a culture where no matter your gender, collaboration is encouraged, and the company provides a respectful environment that empowers women to thrive and succeed,” she states.

For women considering a career in agriculture, Rian offers words of encouragement and advice. “Working in the poultry industry provides an opportunity to have a positive impact, be a lifelong learner, and allows for new opportunities consistently,” she says. “Women who are interested in working in a growing field will find many benefits, including job security and a chance to grow personally and professionally.”

Thank you, Rian, for sharing your valuable perspective and helping lead the charge on our sustainability efforts.