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Our Chickens

Our Birds

Come First

At Wayne-Sanderson Farms, we believe in raising our chickens humanely to ensure their safety, nutrition, and overall health. We care deeply about the well-being of the chickens we raise. This care and attention to detail is reflected in the way we work with our farmers and respect our flocks. The result is consistent quality delivered with honesty and integrity.


Our on-site veterinary staff carefully monitors our flock’s health and development on a daily basis, rain or shine.


In-house nutritionists make all the difference, guaranteeing that our chickens get the vitamins, minerals, and protein they need.


Independent farmers take pride in caring for the safety and well-being of their flocks.

    Our top priority is the health and safety of our birds. We take our responsibility seriously and work hard every day to make sure our birds are well cared-for and comfortable. Happy birds mean healthy birds, and healthy birds mean a better product for consumers.
    Olivia Rhye • Family Farmer

Better quality through localized operations

Because our chicken never leaves the country for processing, we always have direct control over the quality of our products by going above and beyond Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture standards throughout our entire process. From hatchery to processing, we carefully monitor every step of the way to ensure that our chickens are treated humanely and our products meet the highest quality standards.

A comfortable, cage-free environment

Our chickens live in a spacious, climate-controlled environment with unlimited access to food and water. The only time our chickens are caged is when they’re being transported from the farm to the processing plant. Our cage-free environment is designed to promote natural behaviors and reduce stress on our chickens, resulting in healthier and happier birds.

Prioritizing Bird Health

Our goal is to use antibiotics to the minimum level required to ensure flock health, and we do not routinely use antibiotics considered medically important to humans, according to the FDA. No antibiotics are administered without veterinarian assessment, approval, and daily oversight. Most importantly, all of our chicken products are free of antibiotic residue because of extensive oversight and adherence to FDA-approved withdrawal times.