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At Wayne-Sanderson Farms, we know the value of bringing great people together. That’s why we partner with nearly 2,000 family farmers that care for our chickens every day. Our farmers play an integral role in our process to deliver the best quality chicken to the marketplace.

Farmer Promise

We believe that we all share the responsibility of protecting our flocks. We are dedicated to the humane treatment of our chickens at every stage of growth and in all aspects of care and handling. Our unwavering commitment to animal welfare is the cornerstone of our business and it begins with our farmers as they care daily for our birds.

From hatch to harvest, we are responsible for protecting our birds from disease by meeting their nutritional, environmental, and behavioral needs. We are diligent in training and educating our farmers to provide them with the necessary support and tools to ensure positive animal welfare outcomes. Wayne-Sanderson Farms is committed to championing and rewarding efforts and individuals who meet or exceed these obligations and positively contribute to the stewardship of our flocks.

Our Farm Partners


Total farms, across Broilers, Breeders, and Pullets.


Of our farmers are from Alabama, followed by Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas.


Have been farmers with us for 10+ years.


Are second generation farmers or older.

The Wayne-Sanderson Way

Raising chickens isn’t just a farmer’s livelihood. It’s a lifestyle. Farming takes diligence, self-reliance, and resilience. If you’re in it for the long haul, owning a poultry farm can be a fulfilling opportunity to feed your community, and our world.

Why Grow With Wayne-Sanderson?

Wayne-Sanderson strives to provide farmers with a clear path of continuous growth and improvement. It’s in our best interest that you feel surrounded, supported, and enabled to perform at your best. When you team up with Wayne-Sanderson, you never have to go it alone. We’ll help to equip you with a flock advisor, dedicated veterinarians, a technical services department, and continuous research and training to support and enable consistent improvement in animal care.

What Can I Expect as A Wayne-Sanderson Farms Poultry Farmer?

When you’re farming poultry with us, you can enjoy all the comforts of leading your own business while being associated with respectable, trustworthy individuals and brands. Like any agricultural endeavor, the right type of land as well as equipment is required for farming poultry. The care and keeping of living animals takes commitment, dedication, and determination to nurture your growing flock.

As a contracted farmer with Wayne-Sanderson Farms, you’ll tend to the birds, track their health, growth, and overall wellbeing. You’ll incorporate biosecurity practices into your daily routine, maintain poultry housing equipment, and be available to respond promptly to any issues that arise. Together, we champion a unified commitment to the welfare of our chickens.

What’s the financial potential?

Historically, contract poultry growing has aided farm income, allowing generations of farming families to rely on a stable and predictable income throughout the year. Raising chickens can provide the extra income needed to make farming a full-time occupation.

Each farmer we partner with has set up his or her farm differently based on their situation, needs, and financial goals. Many of our farmers and their families supplement their farm income by adding poultry houses to their existing properties. Others delegate stay-at-home farm management to one partner while the other maintains a separate career. In addition, there are some farmers with multiple-house operations in place to take advantage of the economies of scale of poultry farming. There is no defined way to partner with Wayne-Sanderson farms; we offer flexibility to meet the needs of each farmer.

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