Women in Agriculture – Lanadra Caldwell

Throughout Women’s History Month in March, Wayne-Sanderson Farms proudly spotlights the amazing women within our company, honoring their invaluable contributions to the agriculture industry.

Lanadra Caldwell, Manager of Value-Added Processing for Wayne-Sanderson Farms’ Enterprise, Alabama plant, shares her journey and insights into the poultry industry, and what it’s like to be a woman in agriculture.

Inspired by her mother’s now four-decade tenure at Wayne-Sanderson Farms, Lanadra embarked on her own career path with the company, joining the ranks in 2001 as a Debone Line Associate. Throughout her tenure, she has held several positions including Process Coordinator, Debone Supervisor, Perimeter Supervisor, DSI/Marination Supervisor and Added Value Superintendent, before being promoted to her current role.

In addition to her primary responsibilities, Lanadra has also served on several committees for the company. Outside of work, she enjoys being involved in the community by contributing to her church’s media team.

Lanadra’s favorite aspect of working at the company is collaborating with her team to reach their goals. She states, “I enjoy recognizing success, engaging with employees and being a mentor of people.”

She appreciates the supportive environment at work, and the value placed on equality. “Wayne-Sanderson Farms values women with respect and integrity,” says Lanadra. “They listen when needed and have open and honest communication. They give opportunities for personal and professional growth and they recognize achievements.”

The company supports team members in their goals of progressing their careers. “We have more female leaders than we have ever had at all levels,” Lanadra states. “Wayne-Sanderson Farms has supported my development by giving me the tools and training to be successful and the opportunity to grow in several roles.”

Despite facing challenges as a woman in the agriculture industry, Lanadra’s determination has propelled her forward. She emphasizes the importance of leading by example, communicating through conflict and never compromising on values.

Reflecting on the evolving landscape of the poultry and agriculture industry, Lanadra acknowledges the strides made in embracing women in leadership roles. “The industry has evolved by accepting women as leaders and giving women the tools needed to be successful,” she states. “We do more as a company now than we ever have to help provide work life balance allowing women to still have families and be leaders.”

As advice to other women considering a career in agriculture, Lanadra encourages them to remain true to themselves and states, “Never give up on your dreams of your future. Always strive for greatness”

Thank you, Lanadra, for your inspirational example for women looking to forge a path in the agriculture industry.