Women in Agriculture – Kasee Mann

As we celebrate the amazing women of the poultry and agriculture industries during Women’s History Month, meet Kasee Mann, Area Breeder Manager for Wayne-Sanderson Farms in South Alabama.

Growing up, Kasee’s aunt and family were very involved in agriculture, and Kasee loved spending time on the family farm. From these formative experiences during her childhood, she was drawn to the agriculture industry and knew she wanted to eventually build a career based around agriculture in some capacity.

After graduating from Troy University and gaining a few years of early career experience, Kasee joined the team at Wayne-Sanderson Farms as a Broiler Field Representative in 2017. A few months later, she began working with Breeders, then served as a Pullet Manager before promoting into her current role of Area Breeder Manager in 2020. Kasee is an active member of the Alabama Poultry and Egg Association, working with others in the state with a goal of producing the safest, best-quality poultry products possible.

Kasee’s favorite part of working at Wayne-Sanderson Farms is the strong team dynamic within her department. The collaborative environment and mutual support from her colleagues help foster camaraderie and unity when facing challenges.

Wayne-Sanderson Farms values instituting leadership by recognizing success. Kasee states, “I have met many women in leadership positions throughout the company in live production, HR, accounting, and the plant. To me, that shows that Wayne-Sanderson is not afraid to put the right people in leadership positions, no matter who they are or what they look like.”

Through cross-training opportunities, Kasee has gained valuable insight into the company and poultry industry, and has been able to develop both personally and professionally to progress her career. Despite the traditionally male-dominated nature of the industry, Kasee feels she hasn’t ever faced significant challenges related to her gender, and that her dedication and hard work have been the driving factors for her success. “I believe that no matter who you are, there is a job that has to be done and whoever is in that position is expected to do the job, even the not so glamourous parts,” she states.

To other women looking to join the industry, Kasee says, “Do it. Don’t let the idea of being a woman in agriculture hold you back from doing what you want to do. I think you will find that your experience and success is determined solely on what you make of it.”

Kasee, thank you for your contributions to Making Chicken Amazing!